IABS – DCVMN Meeting
NGS Testing to Replace In Vivo Adventitious Testing for Old & New Vaccines 

June 19-20, 2024
Brussels, Belgium

On invitation only

Vaccination and Surveillance for HPAI in Poultry :
Current Situation and Future Perspectives

October 22-24, 2024
Paris, France

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IABS 10th Annual Statistics Workshop

12-14 November, 2024

Washington DC, USA

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Avoiding Antimicrobial Resistance: Veterinary use of Phages for Prevention, Therapy and Control of Bacterial Infections

November 19-20, 2024
A virtual meeting

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4th Conference on Next Generation Sequencing for Adventitious Virus Detection in Biologics for Humans and Animal

December 3, 4 & 5, 2024
Frankfurt, Germany

Cross Learning Experience Human and Animal Vaccine Licensure based on Technology Platforms

Brussels, Belgium