International Alliance for Biological Standardization

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The International Alliance for Biological Standardization is a nonprofit organization which is incorporated in Geneva, Switzerland, and a recognized charitable organization in the United States and France

In late 2019, IABS embarked on a fundraising effort in order to carry out its mission of coordinating conferences and workshops and sharing scientific advancements and innovative regulatory solutions through its journal Biologicals, IABS is seeking donations from individuals, institutions, and foundations who have an interest in the development and improvement of human and veterinary biological therapies and vaccines.

Your donation will allow IABS to implement management projects in order to carry out more efficiently its scientific projects.

In brief, IABS needs funding:

  1. To transition operational activities associated with scientific events & publications from volunteer scientific experts to operational staff
  2. To engage in advanced conference technologies
  3. To support conference invitees expenses
  4. To carry out Scientific Advisor Panels

Help us provide better access to biological medicines for all !

To take advantage of tax-exempt donations in France and the US, different mechanisms were established. To facilitate access to these donation pathways, please use the buttons below.

Should you have any questions, please contact us by  e-mail by clicking on the button below.

For further information about IABS, contact :