Dear IABS Colleagues, Stakeholders, Supporters, and Collaborators,

The transition to the new year is a good time to reflect on our past as we look ahead to 2024. I am pleased to report that 2023 was an outstanding year for the International Alliance for Biological Standardization (IABS). With seven conferences, meetings, or workshops on three continents in 2023, IABS continues to be recognized for its ability to provide an independent, neutral forum for the discussion of timely regulatory and scientific issues. Our Scientific Committees have been highly successful in reinforcing the value of IABS as a leader and convener of those interested in advancing contemporary biologics issues. 2023 was also a milestone year as the 50th Anniversary of IABS’ Journal Biologicals. Thanks to the vision and leadership of Norman Baylor, Editor-in-Chief, Biologicals is better prepared for future opportunities in the ever-changing publication arena. Look for updates on this milestone on our website, in the newsletter, and in the Journal!

2023 was also a year of transitions related to leadership and organizational change including the planned move of the Resources Mobilization Director to Actors4Health and the unplanned resignation of the Scientific Secretariat and Board and Committee Chairs Members). While we recognize and appreciate the contributions of those leaving leadership positions, we are looking forward to having new leaders join the organization this coming year.

Looking ahead, the Alliance is positioned well for another busy and productive year in 2024. Meetings on Next Generation Sequencing, Vaccination Strategies for High Pathogenicity Avian Influenza, Phage Therapy, Platform Technologies, and advancing Chemistry-Manufacturing-Control issues are just a few examples of planned future topics that will bring us together to help provide health solutions to everyone everywhere.

One of our greatest strengths is the ability to bring stakeholders together to develop innovative solutions for expanded accessibility to biological products and health tools, and I look forward to working with you in 2024 to maintain this level of excellence.

Best wishes for a healthy and prosperous new year.


Rick Hill, IABS President