IABS joins Animal-Free Safety Assessment Collaboration to promote innovation and global regulatory alignment for human and veterinary biologicals

Geneva (07-Apr- 2021) — The Animal-Free Safety Assessment Collaboration (AFSA) and the International Alliance for Biological Standardization (IABS) are pleased to announce the beginning of their mutual cooperation, with IABS becoming member of the Collaboration.

Dr Rick HILL, IABS Vice-President and Communication Chair, said: “After careful review of AFSA’s goals and activities, IABS has taken the decision to join the Collaboration, recognizing its efforts to promote worldwide change in the biologicals field through stakeholders’ engagement, and work to make information accessible and widely disseminated.”

Laura Viviani, AFSA biologicals workstream coordinator, said: “We are particularly proud of this cooperation. IABS membership acknowledges the work already done by AFSA in the field of biologicals, and shows a high level of trust and commitment to the Collaboration’s vision of a world where biologicals are developed, tested and produced with innovative approaches and platforms that forego the reliance on obsolete animal methods.”

Through IABS, the stakeholders engaged by AFSA will have access to a network of the foremost world experts of the sector. This will make it possible to multiply the opportunity to inform the scientific debate on biologicals, engage new expertise to the discussion, maintain momentum in a changing environment, and foster a consequential dialogue that can bring about change at a truly global level.
International Alliance for Biological Standardization – IABS
The International Alliance for Biological Standardization (IABS) is a nonprofit neutral organization dedicated solely to addressing key issues in regulatory science that underpin approvals for vaccines and biopharmaceuticals worldwide. For more than 60 years, these contributions have occurred primarily through collaborative scientific meetings and publications in the journal Biologicals. IABS’ unique role and strength reside in its ability to bring together interested parties for scientific discussions of important unresolved or emerging issues, to assist in developing a consensus and an action plan to achieve regulatory progress. IABS.org
Animal Free Safety Assessment Collaboration – AFSA

The Animal-Free Safety Assessment (AFSA) Collaboration brings together corporate and non-profit leaders who share the goal of accelerate global adoption of a modern, human-based approach to safety assessment that will better protect consumers and hasten the replacement of animal testing. AFSAcollaboration.org