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3Rs implementation in veterinary vaccine batch-release testing: Current state-ofthe-art and future opportunities – Workshop – November 16, 2022 – Brussels, Belgium

Meeting objectives : 

The workshop aims to determine what is needed to facilitate alternative methods validation, implementation and regulatory acceptance, including global harmonization, of non-animal based batch release testing for veterinary vaccines.

After the two webinars where the current opportunities were presented from a scientific and technical perspective and where the perspective from European, North and South America, and Asia stakeholders was shared, the workshop will focus on challenges to be addressed and concrete actions or future projects that will be pushing for further methods’ implementation and regulatory acceptance.

Speakers and Panelists:

Thank you for their support :


1. Implementation of new methods for legacy products, new products with no animal testing. Industry experience and open challenges

2. Acceptance of new methods or new products with no animal testing. Regulatory experience and open challenges

3.  Summary of the challenges

Group 1: Can you help us to make new methods transfer streamlined to the
majority of companies?
Group 2: Can you help us to align regulations worldwide?

4. Wrap up and next steps