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pdf Binbing Yu - MedImmune Popular

By 305 downloads

Download (pdf, 697 KB)

Binbing Yu_MedImmune.pdf

Binbing Yu - MedImmune
Evaluating the comparability of stability at long-term storage temperatures using accelerated stability data

pdf Daniel Coleman - Genentech Popular

By 482 downloads

Download (pdf, 558 KB)

Daniel Coleman_Genentech.pdf

Daniel Coleman - Genentech
Design and analysis of method validation experiments

pdf Harry Yang - MedImmune Popular

By 426 downloads

Download (pdf, 798 KB)

Harry Yang_MedImmune.pdf

Harry Yang - MedImmune
A new Bayesian perspective for justifying sample size for PPQ

pdf Jochen Giese - GSK Vaccines Popular

By 517 downloads

Download (pdf, 1.45 MB)

Jochen Giese_GSK Vaccines.pdf

Jochen Giese - GSK Vaccines
Novel data analysis method for Continued Process Verification using change-point analysis

pdf Julia O'Neill - Tunnell Consulting Popular

By 502 downloads

Download (pdf, 1.14 MB)

Julia O'Neill_Tunnell Consulting.pdf

Julia O'Neill - Tunnell Consulting
Statistical support for continued process verification

pdf Katherine Giacoletti - Arlenda Popular

By 361 downloads

Download (pdf, 485 KB)

Katherine Giacoletti_Arlenda.pdf

Katherine Giacoletti - Arlenda
A Bayesian approach to method bridging

pdf Kimber Barnett - Pfizer Popular

By 326 downloads

Download (pdf, 1.74 MB)

Kimber Barnett_Pfizer.pdf

Kimber Barnett - Pfizer
Method design: benefits of collaboration between statisticians and analytical chemists

pdf Mark DiMartino - Amgen Popular

By 539 downloads

Download (pdf, 447 KB)

Mark DiMartino_Amgen.pdf

Mark DiMartino - Amgen
The practical difference between Ppk and Cpk

pdf Richard K Burdick - Amgen Popular

By 705 downloads

Download (pdf, 544 KB)

Richard K. Burdick_Amgen.pdf

Richard K  Burdick - Amgen
Statistical details of analytical similarity for biosimilars: an industry view

pdf Roger Hart - Amgen Popular

By 306 downloads

Download (pdf, 850 KB)

Roger Hart_Amgen.pdf

Roger Hart - Amgen
Applications of Bayes statistical methods to infer limits from historical platform data

pdf Session 1 - Questions for discussion Popular

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Session 1_Questions for discussion.pdf

pdf Session 2 - Questions for discussion Popular

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Download (pdf, 231 KB)

Session 2_Questions for discussion.pdf

pdf Session 3 - Questions for discussion Popular

By 264 downloads

Download (pdf, 128 KB)

Session 3_Questions for discussion.pdf

pdf Session 4 - Questions for discussion Popular

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Download (pdf, 131 KB)

Session 4_Questions for discussion.pdf

pdf Sheng Feng - AbbVie Popular

By 291 downloads

Download (pdf, 987 KB)

Sheng Feng_AbbVie.pdf

Sheng Feng - AbbVie
Impact of measurement error in biomarker evaluations and performance

pdf Stanley Deming - Statistical Designs Popular

By 359 downloads

Download (pdf, 412 KB)

Stanley Deming_Statistical Designs.pdf

Stanley Deming - Statistical Designs
Issues with the ubiquitous use of the 4PL model during product development (and after)

pdf Steve Stein - NIST Popular

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Download (pdf, 2.61 MB)

Steve Stein_NIST.pdf

Steve Stein - NIST
Developing tandem mass spectral libraires of individual proteins

pdf Xiaoyu (Cassie) Dong - FDA Popular

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Download (pdf, 1.04 MB)

Xiaoyu (Cassie) Dong-FDA.pdf

Xiaoyu (Cassie) Dong - FDA
Statistical approaches for analytical biosimilarity evaluation

pdf Yi Tsong - FDA Popular

By 438 downloads

Download (pdf, 977 KB)

Yi Tsong_FDA.pdf

Yi Tsong - FDA
Equivalence margin determination for analytical biosimilar assessment

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