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IABS is an independent, nonprofit organization dedicated to the scientific and medical advancement of biologicals in human and animal health by facilitating communication at an international level among academia, regulatory authorities and industry.  Our members work in the field of biologicals as professionals in universities, foundations, corporations, and international organizations around the world.

By joining IABS, you will broaden your knowledge of therapeutic biologicals as well as vaccines, and have the opportunity to network and exchange ideas during IABS conferences and symposia with experts in the field.

Benefits of IABS Membership

As an Individual Member of IABS, you will:

  • Reduced registration fee for IABS conferences and symposia
  • Exclusive access to all IABS conference presentations; recommendations & conclusions
  • Reduced fee for an electronic subscription to IABS’ scientific journal Biologicals
  • Join a community of recognized experts
  • Vote in the election of IABS Board members
  • Share thoughts, ideas and suggestions on IABS meetings, activities and goals via the dedicated member section on our website
  • Suggest improvements to be made in the development of biologicals and contribute to shaping the regulation of biological products during IABS workshops and symposia

The annual membership fee for individuals is  EUR 177 / USD 200

The annual membership fee for students and individuals in developing countries is EUR 9 / USD 10

pdf Membership Application for Individuals (77 KB)

Online Application



Organizations that are involved in the field of biologicals such as scientific societies, industry, and governmental institutions should consider joining IABS to work with others on helping to identify and resolve emerging regulatory issues.

An official representative of a member organization may participate in IABS conference activities and be elected to the Board in the same manner as an individual member.

There is no membership fee for organizations.

  pdf Membership Application for Organizations (116 KB)


  pdf General Conditions of Sale (224 KB)

For more information, please contact the Alliance at the following address:
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International Alliance for Biological Standardization

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