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Board Transitions: Message from the President

2020 will be marked as a memorable year with the retirement of several truly noteworthy members of the IABS Board of Directors.  In this message, I am pleased to spotlight exceptional Board members that I am proud to call friends and colleagues.  

Earlier this year Dr. Tony Lubiniecki voluntarily stepped off the board to allow the selection and appointment of a new Alliance Treasurer.  In September, Drs. Elwyn Griffiths, Girish Vyas, and Daniel Gaudry will attend their final Board meeting in Ottawa, Canada.  Collectively they served approximately 112 years on the Board, and many more years in other leadership positions with IABS. Please read on for brief biographies of these 4 individuals that have served IABS so well in a variety of Alliance leadership positions.


Daniel Gaudry

Dr. Daniel Gaudry served the IABS Board for 40 years.  Dr. Gaudry received his Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine (DVM) at the Ecole Nationale Vétérinaire de Toulouse and subsequently obtained a degree in immunology from the Université de Lyon. In 1968, Dr. Gaudry started his career at Institut Mérieux, Lyon, France where he was instrumental in the development and the management of the avian product line.  Early in his career, Dr. Gaudry organized a highly successful IABS conference "International Symposium on Requirements for Poultry Virus Vaccines"  and was subsequently appointed to French Secretary of the World Veterinary Poultry Association  This meeting provided an opportunity for collaborating with internationally renowned avian laboratories which eventually led to some remarkable successes in vaccine development.  Most notably, Dr. Gaudry was successful in developing products for  diseases of the Muscovy duck, the source of foie gras and magret.  His vaccines improved the development of industrial Muscovy duck production and decreased mortality rates while gaining him worldwide reputation as a poultry disease specialist.  A sabbatical year in 1979 at the Poultry Diseases Research Center at the University of Georgia at Athens led to his development of a Rhône- Mérieux pilot laboratory for the production and registration of a rabies vaccine for animals. D. Gaudry, as President of Institut Mérieux's first subsidiary in the USA, established a state of the art production facility, developing the first effective subcutaneous rabies vaccine in the US which modernized the US Rabies Compendium.   His poultry work continued to be fruitful with the development of the world’s-first avian reovirus vaccine.  Dr. Gaudry returned to Lyon in early 1985 and became responsible for the development of avian vaccines and the company's avian strategy.  In 1995, he became Vice-President of Rhône Merieux Inc & Select Laboratories, and Board Member of Institut de Sélection Animale and ISBI (Italian subsidiary).  Dr. Gaudry retired as Director of Avian Research & Development with worldwide responsibility at Merial.  After the success of the Dr. Gaudry’s first IABS meeting in Lyon, he was elected Board Member in 1979 and Secretary in 1984.  While he may be best known as the longest-serving Alliance Secretary, he also served as IABS President from 2008-2010 (while remaining as Secretary!).  Dr. Gaudry's legacy on the Board has gone well beyond the Alliance’s second Secretary, managing and coordinating hundreds of Board, General Assembly, and Executive Committee meetings.  He has been instrumental in the success of many, many IABS Conferences and Workshops.  His unending passion and enthusiasm for the organization has led to his involvement in most of the of the Alliance’s milestones throughout the last 40+ years. 


Girish Vyas

Dr. Girish Vyas served on the IABS Board for 28 years.  Dr. Vyas currently serves as Professor Emeritus of Laboratory Medicine at the UCSF School of Medicine. After his Ph.D. degree in Microbiology from the University of Bombay in 1965, he was a postdoctoral research fellow at Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. Since 1967 he has served on the faculty of UCSF School of Medicine also serving as Director of the Blood Bank at UCSF Medical Center from 1969-89.  In 1969, Dr. Vyas discovered the first genetic marker of human IgA, and was appointed to the WHO Expert Committee on Immune Globulin Allotypes. His pioneering work on HBV and HBsAg published in a series of seminal papers in Science and Nature lead to his appointment as the youngest member on the US National Research Council Committee on Viral Hepatitis. Mid-career he was totally engaged in transfusion safety and protection against transmission of HBV, HIV and HCV. During sabbaticals, he served as visiting scholar at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute in Melbourne, Australia and an American Fulbright Scholar at the Pasteur Institute, Paris, France and scientist at the UCLA Department of Pediatrics. His research contributions to our current knowledge about transfusion safety, IgA deficiency, viral hepatitis B and C, and transfusion-transmitted HIV have culminated in his current pursuit of research on passive-active prophylaxis against population-prevalent HIV-1.  In 1969 he received the Julliard Prize at the International Transfusion Congress in Moscow and the Mayor of Oakland, California honoured him as an Outstanding Immigrant in the Bay Area Communities. In 2008 he was recognized as a “Pioneer and Pathfinder” in Transfusion Medicine. Dr. Vyas launched TheraBiol Inc in 2012 for discovery and development of therapeutic antibodies against viral infections. Dr Girish N. Vyas has served on many, many national and international committees and has edited 12 books and monographs and published 225 original papers on his research in genetics, immunology and virology related to Transfusion Medicine.  In addition to serving as Board member, Dr. Vyas has been an active member of IABS for 45 years and has also served as Chair of the Committee on Blood and Blood products (for 10 years, IABS sponsored the Biennial Symposia on Transfusion Safety, and published the proceedings.  With the mission of transfusion safety accomplished, these symposia were unnecessary, and the Blood Committee was subsequently dissolved). Dr. Vyas served on the Editorial Board for decades, and as Editor-in-Chief of Biologicals from 2005-2014 when it grew from a quarterly to a bimonthly journal. His passion for the journal continues and he remains as a Biologicals Section Editor for Reviews and Reports.  


Elwyn Griffiths

Dr. Elwyn Griffiths served on the IABS Board for 26 years.  He has vast experience of research and regulatory issues in biologicals stems from his time on the staff of the MRC National Institute for Medical Research, London (1969-1980) and at the National Institute for Biological Standards and Control, UK (1980-94). Dr. Griffiths held the distinguished position of Chief, Biologicals, at the WHO, Geneva, where he was responsible for their international program in biological standardization of vaccines, blood products, biotherapeutics, and gene therapy products. In 2003, he joined BGTD, Health Canada, Ottawa, and was responsible for regulatory oversight of biologicals in Canada. Over many years he has contributed to numerous Canadian, UK, European and WHO committees and also to working groups concerned with the quality, safety and efficacy of biologicals. Dr. Griffiths is longstanding member of the IABS, having joined soon after moving from the UK MRC Institute for Medical Research, Mill Hill, to the NIBSC in 1980.  He was soon involved as a regular reviewer of submissions to the then Journal of Biological Standardization.  Dr. Griffiths served on the Editorial Board of the new-look journal Biologicals, and later became Editor-in-Chief working with Academic Press who published the journal before the transfer to Elsevier. While in Geneva with WHO, Dr. Griffiths became a member of the board and official signatory for IABS financial transactions with the local Secretariat office.  Dr. Griffiths has been involved in many IABS Conferences and workshops including an International Symposium at WHO Headquarters entitled A Celebration of 50 Years Progress in Biological Standardization and Control at WHO.  While Dr Griffiths has been integral to many IABS decisions and improvements, due to his efforts, links between WHO and the IABS were highly constructive and influential in the rapidly expanding and exciting field of biologicals.


Tony Lubiniecki

Dr. Tony Lubiniecki served on the IABS Board for 18 years.  Dr. Lubiniecki retired in May 2017 as Senior Scientific Director & Fellow, CMC Strategy, Pharmaceutical Development & Manufacturing Sciences at Janssen R&D, LLC. During his 43 years in industry, he worked on development of over 50 recombinant derived investigational products using both microbial and eukaryotic expression systems, of which thirteen have become marketed products.  He also served as Vice President of Biopharmaceutical Development for GlaxoSmithKline, SmithKline Beecham, and Smith Kline & French for 16 years, building a 400-person organization. He spent 6 years at Genentech directing the development of tissue plasminogen activator and other recombinant DNA products in cell culture. Tony also has been active in shaping regulatory policy by serving as a Pharmaceutical Research & Manufacturers of America representative to the International Conferences on Harmonization (ICH) Expert Working Groups for 6 Q5-Q7 guidance documents, and served as Rapporteur for two of them (ICH Q5D & Q5E). He has sat on review boards and advisory committees for the Department of Health & Human Services, Center for Biologics Evaluation & Research, and the National Academy of Sciences. He earned his Doctor of Science degree in Public Health Microbiology from the University of Pittsburgh in 1972, and his Bachelor of Science degree in Biological Sciences from Carnegie Mellon University in 1968. He is also Adjunct Professor of Chemical & Biochemical Engineering at University of Maryland Baltimore County since 1991.   In 2020,  Dr. Lubiniecki, received the  prestigious Hancock Award for Outstanding Achievements in CMC Regulatory Science at CASSS’s 24th Symposium on the Interface of Regulatory and Analytical Sciences for Biotechnology Health Products. Dr. Lubiniecki’s IABS responsibilities included serving as Biotherapeutics Section Editor for Biologicals from 1992-2015 and IABS Treasurer for 18 years while on the Board of Directors.  He was instrumental on creating a transparent accounting system and helped facilitate the transition from an organization where the largest share of its income came from meetings proceedings to one where meeting registrations and publications income provide the largest shares of income.  He facilitated multiple biotherapeutics and cell therapies meetings and served as the liaison between ICH and IABS at the time when biotherapeutics ICH guidances were written, based in part on data presented at IABS conferences.


Please join me in congratulating these stellar individuals as they prepare to rotate off the Board of Directors.


Best regards,
Joris Vandeputte,
DVM IABS President



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