Communication Committee

Recognizing the need for improving the communication process, the IABS Board of Directors established a Communication Committee at the June 2016 Board meeting in Lyon, France. 


The remit of this Committee will be to provide recommendations to the Board regarding several aspects of communication and information sharing related to the mission of the organization and the activities of the Scientific Committees.  In accord with the Appendix 1 Section 3 of the newly-adopted IABS Constitution, the Committee will begin work on the following areas:


  • Establishing a Publications Committee that shall be responsible for all publication activity.
  • Coordinating the mailing of information to be published on the website
  • Keeping contacts with selected organizations active.


In the short term, the Communication Committee will be begin working with the Editor and a Publication Working Group to address some of the key publication-related decision and will develop a standardized communication summary of the Alliance’s mission and objectives.  IABS members will be needed to join the Committee to continue the tasks outlined in the Constitution and other Communications Committee and outreach projects.


International Alliance for Biological Standardization

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